Sofa, so good

Just completed, a well-loved two seater sofa which had been fitted with loose covers has been transformed by upholstering in Moon Fabric’s rich ‘Earth Raspberry’ wooden cloth.  Before and after pictures show the change.  By tightly fitting the frame covering whilst retaining a looser feel for the cushion covers, the piece retains its cosy feel whilst presenting a bright and stylish new look.

We have it all sewn up

An interesting project completed this week, with the delivery of a refurbished vintage sewing box.  My customer wanted a fresh new look for her much-loved sewing box, so having provided her own material, she was delighted with the results.

A bright and colourful tartan outer fabric is complemented by a plush inner velvet.

The project was fun to work on and just shows that a tired-looking piece can be turned into a much-loved and practical asset.